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Training Yourself to Ride A Horse

horse riding lessons

From: Jim Milton
Date :

If you love horses, this message is for you!

I’ve written a friendly, easy-to-understand book which will get you horseback riding today without having to pay for expensive riding lessons.

Feel Confident About Horseback Riding Fast!

I get down to basics immediately and reveal the secrets of dealing safely with horses - on the ground and in the saddle - so you can become a competent horse rider quickly.

A Successful Formula

My complete manual walks you through each step of learning how to ride on horseback. First I help you find your ideal horse, then I explain with text and illustrations how to catch, groom and saddle your new equine buddy. I also include essential information about the equestrian equipment you need.

Now mount your horse and follow my riding lessons with accompanying photos and video instructions: it’ll be like having your own personal trainer!

Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride guides you step-by-step through walk, trot, canter, turning, halting and reining back, and prepares you for safe horseback trail riding.

If you long to learn horseback riding this might be the most important letter you ever read!

Here’s why: my book will teach you how to:

Find your ideal horse

Catch, lead, tie, saddle and unsaddle your horse with confidence

Mount and dismount safely

Walk, trot and canter with perfect control

Halt and rein-back

Turn your horse in any gait

Stay safe when horseback trail riding

Take proper care of your horse before and after riding him

Have fun with your horse!

My qualifications to write this book

I’m an international rider who’s ridden and competed successfully in Europe and the United States.

Combining the best teaching methods of professional instructors in the U.S. and abroad, I’ve developed an efficient system which quickly teaches beginner riders the basics of horseback riding. They soon feel comfortable and confident around horses.

Beginners learn how to go on safe trail rides and, if they want, compete and win ribbons at a horse show. My system really works!

Here are some testimonials I’ve got from riders who used the riding instructions in this book

"I learned how to ride with the methods in this book and won a ribbon at my first show. At my third show I won my class!

I was thrilled! I highly recommend this system - it really taught me how to ride properly and safely."

Jackie M., Langtry, TX

Here are some amazing secrets, tips and techniques my course will teach you:

How not to look like a beginner rider even when you’ve just started!

How to choose the right horse for you

How to safely try out different horses

How to adapt to the English or Western style

How to be a quiet yet effective rider

How to master easy but essential riding basics that professionals know but most riders are never taught

How to stop your horse from misbehaving

Where to find the best and cheapest horse equipment

Understanding how your horse thinks

And much more…!

You’ll learn quickly and correctly

You’ll progress fast with the logical layout of this book. Each riding lesson builds on what you learned in the one before. Follow the simple instructions and you’ll be a competent horse rider before you know it.

Your friends will wonder how you learned to ride so well so fast!

Here’s the bottom line on this incredible resource

learn horseback riding

Other horse riding ebooks begin with long discussions about the history of the horse and his association with man, etc., etc. They just waste your time.

You want to learn to ride, don’t you?

Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride immediately gives you relevant horseback riding information with photo illustrations for learning safely and quickly.

Additional features

Safety tips to help you avoid mistakes around horses which most horse people learn the hard way!

A chapter on how to decide whether you need riding lessons

Information on finding the right riding instructor

A glossary of common horse terms

"I didn’t know how important it was to understand the correct use of the reins.

This book taught me how to turn my horse properly, and I won a ribbon at my very next show!"

Dave B., U.K.

Learn Horseback Riding
the Safe, Easy and Inexpensive Way!


In summary, here’s what you get

My comprehensive resource leads you safely through the whole horse riding experience. I teach you everything you need to know to make you a competent horse rider. And you’ll feel relaxed and secure during the entire learning process.

By safely introducing you to the wonderful world of horses, my book will turn your life around. Follow my system, and you’ll no longer be a beginner: you’ll be a real horse rider!

Buy now and get these bonus horse riding videos!

If you buy Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride now you’ll get a free horseback riding video! In addition to the book’s instructions, you’ll watch virtual riding lessons showing you how to:

Groom a horse

Saddle and bridle a horse

Put on brushing boots correctly

Lead a horse


Sit correctly

Adjust the stirrups while mounted

Tighten the girth while mounted


Turn the horse in walk


Rein back

Transition from walk to trot

Post in trot

Turn the horse in trot

Transition from trot to walk

Transition from trot to canter

Turn the horse in canter

Transition from canter to trot

Cool the horse off in walk


Unsaddle your horse

Brush him off

horse riding video

Watch this video and read Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride for the complete riding experience in the comfort of your own home!

"Thanks to this book I am now comfortable riding out on the trails!

The video included was very helpful and the bonus package was great as well."

Peter T., Santa Clarita, CA

Video Instructions Bonus Worth $150, Yours for FREE!

Order now and get much more than the bonus video!

Order Now, and get access to download all of the books below. These books are very rare to find horse riding books. Many of these are out of print and some you will have to pay hundreds of dollars to buy if you were able to find them. Many you are not even allowed to borrow from public libraries because they are considered Antiquarian books. Here’s what else you’ll get:

Bonus #1: Prof. Beery's Horsemanship Course Volumes 1-8

learn horseback ridingProf. Jesse Beery was the world's greatest horse trainer and breaker of all time: He could train any horse – horses that ran away – horses that pulled too hard – horses that were spooked too easily – horses that refused to be shoed. Whatever the problem, Beery knew how to fix it.

There are 8 Ebooks included:
e-Book 1: Colt Training
e-Book 2: Disposition and Subjection
e-Book 3: Kicking and Balking
e-Book 4: Shying and Running Away
e-Book 5: Bad to Shoe & Halter Pulling
e-Book 6: Promiscuous Vices
e-Book 7: Overcoming Special Fears
e-Book 8: Teaching Tricks

Bonus #2: Prof. Magner: Art of Taming and Educating Horses

horseback riding instructionsDennis Magner was a well known horse trainer between 1860 and 1880. As a circus proprietor he was known to have his own show out traveling by boat in the mid 1870's on the Great Lakes.

He wrote several horse training books, the most famous of which is the massive "The Art of Taming and Educating Horses". The book comes in about 1120 pages full with text, images and illustrations. Topics included: Methods of Subjection, Kicking, Colt Training, Bad to Shoe, Balking, Running away, Halter Pulling and more!

Bonus #3: Confessions of a Horse Dealer

horseback riding instructionsYou’ll also receive a copy of Confessions of a Horse Dealer. This rare book details all the devious tricks horse dealers used to exploit (con) unsuspecting horse buyers.

Dealers back in the last century were as crocked as they come. And no doubt some of their best dodges have been handed down and are still used today.

Listen once you know these conniving tricks you’ll know what to look out for when you’re buying your next horse. So you’re never taken for an ‘easy’ mark.

Bonus #4: The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses

horseback riding instructionsThis fascinating book, written more than a century ago, promotes a different method of approaching and handling a horse - a method without the need for force or dominance, as is clear from the quote below:

"The Arabs frequently teach their horses secret signs or signals, which they make use of on urgent occasions to call forth their utmost exertions. These are more efficient than the barbarous mode of urging them on with the spur and whip, a forcible illustration of which will be found in ..."

Bonus #5: Xenophon: On Horsemanship

horseback riding instructionsOn Horsemanship written c. 350 BC by Xenophon is one of the earliest extant treatises on horsemanship in the Western world. Xenophon details the selection, care, and training of horses for the use both in the military and for general use.

Xenophon's On Horsemanship is one of the oldest surviving Western works detailing the principles of classical dressage, including training the horse in a manner that is non-abusive.

Bonus #6: A Dissertation on Horses - William Osmer

learn horseback ridingWherein it is demonstrated, by Matters of Fact, as well as from the Principles of Philosophy, that INNATE QUALITIES do not exist, and that the excellence of this Animal is altogether mechanical and not in the Blood.

Osmer shows us, by what he argues against, the primitive state of horse?breeding in England where a superstitious belief in bloodline with no attention to conformation rules. This is difficult for the modern reader to even visualize, after the late 19th century development of conformation norms for all breeds of animal. Notable for a description of horse raising and use among the nomad Arabs, evidence of the survival of the ancient Nisaean breed in Turkey, and stories of the Godolphin Arabian.

Bonus #7: Veterinary Practitioners' Series: Lameness of the Horse

learn horseback ridingSave hundreds of dollars off your veterinary treatment. This ebook has all you need to know to treat your horse when he goes lame. Avery popular title since 1916!

This ebook comes in HTML format and is full with great quality images and illustrations. A wonderfull ebook full of information.

Bonus #8: BombProof Your Horse

horse riding lessonsThis ebook will teach you the 16 secrets that every horse owner should be aware of. The ebook is divided into several sections some of which are listed below:

The Importance Of Thinking Like A Horse

What Instincts Influence Your Horse’ Behavior And How To Use Them To Create A Great Horse!

How Your Horse’s Vision Secrets Affect His Behavior And Why He May Be Scared Of Something YOU Don’t See!

How To Quickly And Easily Find Your Horse’s Comfort Zone, Safely Expand It, And Create A Safer, Calmer, Horse!

And many more!

Bonus #9: First Aid Hints For the Horse Owner

horse riding lessonsThis is a complete veterinary notebook written in 1934 by Major W. E. Lyon. Its 137 pages contain lots of information and picture illustrations on a variety of topics. The topics are:

Stable Management, Lameness, Injuries, Skin Diseases, Internal Diseases, Wind and Eye, Teeth and Breeding.

Bonus #10: Black Beauty - A Classic Novel by Anna Sewell

What better way to indulge your appreciation for horses and than by revisiting this classic novel by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty tells the unforgettable story of a 19th Century English horse subjected to both the best and worst humans could muster.

Black Beauty is a well-born colt living in a pleasant meadow with an elegant carriage horse. But fortune changes and he experiences both gentle and cruel masters as he travels through Victorian London.

It's unique voice and characterization sets this horse-lover's favorite apart from any other novel and it remains as fresh and as vibrant today as the day it was written.

Bonus #11: Borrowing Freedom- Purchasing Your First Horse

With MP3 Audio Version

This is not a little ten-page report filled with a simple list of common horse breeds and a few cute pictures. This is REAL information and covers scores of issues related to horse ownership and horse buying.

It breaks down the process of going from a horse novice to a full-fledged owner in an easy-to-read, spe-by-step process that will help you finally reach your personal horse ownership goals. It is the perfect introduction to finding and buying your first horse!

The guide is also available in 90 minutes mp3 audio format if you prefere to listen to!

Bonus #12: Horse Care Recipes

This short ebook has several simple and easy to do horse care recipes. All are natural recipes and will require little, if no, effort to do!

Bonus #13: Horse Treat Recipes

Gathered from all over the web and the world, this ebook comes in 12 pages full with delicious and healthy horse treat recipes.

Some of the included recipes are:

Sticky Treats, Rivendale Peppermint Treats, Banana Glazed Apple

Penny's Carromints, Happy Oats 'N Trail Mix Balls, Horse Oat Cookies

and more!

Bonus #14: 60 Horse Treat Recipes Ebook


Chemical food will harm your horse. Use this ebook to prepare natural and healthy food for your horse. Not only your horse will like these recipes, but the food will be more healthy for your horse.

60 easy to prepare, healthy and all natural treat recipes are included in this ebook.

Bonus #15: The Coloring Package - 2 Horse Coloring ebooks

A total of 150 coloring images are included in these 2 ebooks. They are in PDF format and can be printed. Color them or let your kids do!

Don't Loose this Chance

I do not know about you, but I know that many people did not miss this valuable offer and they really enjoyed it. Included in this purchase is Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride guide, with video instructions, a lot of picture illustrations and a very valuable lot of bonus ebooks!

Once you order, you will get immediate access to the download area where you can download all the items in no time. No wait for delayed shipping int he regular mail. Even at 2 A.M. in the morning, make the order and in less than one minute, you will get access to the membership download area.

Order now for the fraction of the real price. Valued at $97, your's for $27 only, this is a deal price!

Need More?

Ok! Here is an additional deal!

I am pretty sure that you will find Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride very helpful and will teach you how to ride horses in no time. But, if you feel the ebook did not help you or make you confident with horses, just contact me within 60 days of your purchase and you will get a full refund for your purchase with no questions asked! I am giving you this chance because I know that you will like, you will learn and you will benefit for this ebook!

STOP losing time and money trying to take expensive horse riding lessons. Make your order now and let us see you riding the hills!


jim milton horse riding instructor

Jim Milton

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